Hi, I am Yvette Marie Connor, and I have been making art since I was a child. I started working with glass shortly after I married my present husband in 2002. We did a remodel in our living room and there was a narrow section of window leftover, next to the porch. It looked like a perfect spot for something unique, like a stained glass.  I took the measurements and we went into the Stained Glass of Marin store in Novato, hoping someone would make us something pretty to put into that space.  We spoke to Mary Page, the owner of the shop, and she suggested that I try making one myself using the copper-foil method for stained glass. I drew a design, and she taught me how to make something beautiful. I was hooked!

After I learned to do stained glass, I took the fused glass classes offered at the Stained Glass of Marin on Tuesday nights.  I had so much fun because you can be so spontaneous!

When you do glass fusing, you have so many options.  I have made a wide variety of useful and decorative objects that make excellent gifts.   I even learned how to melt pieces of glass with a torch, a technique called "lampwork", to create intricate curved shaped and forms.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about glass art and I would love to make something for you or support your interest in this wonderful hobby.