I am excited when someone has an idea for either a fused glass piece or a stained glass design or subject that they want me to create for them, or in collaboration with them.  

      Peace Plate   8" diameter, fused glass

 1.  By order: 
I was asked by a man who saw my fused glass work in a gallery, to create a gift for his wife.  He had the idea for a "Peace Plate".  We agreed upon the cost that fit his budget. He told me that she would like colors that were "earthy" and I chose glass that fit his color and price range. 

  2.   Collaboration:

An artist friend of mine wanted me to make her a stained glass piece with a hummingbird and a flower.  She had some ideas and gave me a rough sketch. We looked at glass colors together.  I later showed her a design that she  approved.  

Hummingbird Halo   12" diameter, stained glass

A testimonial 
"Here was a fun project: To create a stained glass piece to express my affection for the humming birds that have chosen our window as a docking station. I wanted a piece expressing my pleasure in these little creatures.  I wanted the opportunity to use my ideas along with Yvette’s expertise and creativity in creating a special place inside our window barely 6 inches away from the feeders. It was a pleasure working on this project with Yvette.  Her knowledge of her materials and artistic eye for color and design made the project fun.  Yvette found the perfect glass expressing wind motion, a perfect red for the flowers and the iridescent colors of the birds. The finished piece was exactly what I had hoped for."

Arlene Whiting


            Turtle  8" x10", stained glass

Another Testimonial

I’ve always admired stained glass and when I saw a few pieces on Face book made by Yvette, I asked if she took commissions.  After a discussion about what I might like, she showed me a drawing for my approval and gave me price quote for the piece plus  shipping cross country.  She then designed and created a beautiful  Stained Glass Turtle piece.  I love the design, the artistry and the colors that she selected, and when the light shines through it just makes me smile. I’m very happy with my purchase and highly recommend Yvette."